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Sport is usually connected with the positive values affecting human pursuing this activity. Engaging in sports is a source of entertainment, fitting the need to win, defeating the competitor, being part of a team of friends sharing same interests; however, it can also be livelihood and professional fulfilment. These, we can say, positive values can be applied only in case that one engages in sport according to the rules with esteem and regard to the competitor, in spirit of fair-play.

The lack of fair play in sport often results from overestimating the victory meaning the only one is considered a success. This evaluation of sport results inspires to violating of principles fair-play contest including use of doping substances. Yet doping doesn’t provide rescue and crutch that helps the athlete to find a way to win and sports fame. The athletes just by overcoming own imperfections and capacity limits deceives not only other competitors but mainly themselves.

RNDr. Miloš Vrabec
Czech Anti-Doping Committee

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